Recruitment as a Service
Subscription-based model.
Flexible delivery.
Flexible payments.

A new, more flexible economic model for recruitment.

The traditional recruitment model hasn’t changed. But today, pressure on time and resources means it’s time for a new model. The RaaS model delivers fixed monthly service costs and new subscription models aligned to a set number of hires. No more irregular payments. Instead a predictable, consistent cashflow.

RaaS gives you total control and economic agility.

A subscription-based model

A monthly cost delivering a set number of hires. Ensuring no irregular payments to create a consistent predictable cashflow.

Flexible delivery

All encompassing package with ability to change roles and profiles to react to the economic climate and GTM.

Flexible payments

You can make changes to your billing profile inline with your hiring strategy within the model. Includes management of all direct applicants.

The RaaS advantage

  • Predictable cashflow better economic and flexible model. Allowing you spread payment.
  • Profile the roles and flexible based on a quota. Accelerate roles as required to flex with economic and GTM.
  • Increase or decrease the total contract value so you can dial up or dial down as you test the market.

How it works

  • Use RaaS to spread costs over a 3+ month period based on hires needed.
  • Choose and change the services as needed.
  • Dial up or dial down to align with the GTM fluidity.

Choose your services

  • Go-to Market Hiring: From leadership to everyone in the field focused across national or international markets.
  • Advisory & Interim Exec: Contracted day rate and term for CXO or board advisor.
  • Onsite agency: In-house end-to-end delivery of your whole talent strategy.

Subscription Plans

  • Price based on a flexible monthly subscription model.
  • The roles can be changed, cost tailored and scaled at anytime.
  • Plan becomes more economical with volume of hires.

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