Onsite Agency Package
Onsite or remote virtual talent team,
Full or part-time service,
Oversee all hiring operations,
Manage any direct applicants,
Design and support your hiring strategy

Onsite Agency

FARM can be your internal talent team. Either on site or virtual. We offer an end-to-end talent infrastructure on a full or part-time model to support your growth. This blended solution delivers expertise from an outside talent agency aligned to your internal team. Removing day-to-day, time-consuming processes and providing a long-term talent resource.


ModuleProject ScopeCost to Client
Onsite AgencyEnd to end design and delivery of all talent operations.Included
Talent StrategyDevelop talent strategy including hiring plan, employer value proposition, culture and values inline with the overall growth strategy. Included
Brand and Video ProductionRemote camera, tripods, lighting and sound kit shipped in safe case to client. Camera is easy to set up, complete with lights and disposal mics. Service includes FaceTime recce of location, tutoring and conducting interviews. All footage is saved on cards. Once filmed, complete package is collected. Videos then edited, reviewed with client, SFX added and uploaded to Cloud.Included
Search PlatformThe latest GTM tools and infrastructure. Video engagement and interviewing, job profiling and creation, AI powered search platform, deep industry rich networks, headhunt and referral model, multi platform social media engagement.Included
Executive InterviewingFace to face or video interview carried out by leading industry execs on all profiles provided by FARM. The interviewee will test against leadership, values, strategy and culture alignment. Executive Coaching can be discussed as an additional service. Included
HR SupportHR support with employment law, employment contracts, managing disciplinaries or anything else on your journey as an employer. Outsource your HR completely or just need help with a one off project.Optional (quoted separately)
Defined KPI’sAgreed beforehand, e.g. time to hire, cost per hire, CV to interview ratio etc.Included

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